jordan film festival


Estamos en este festival, “a celebration of Arabic and international indie short cinema“. ¡Mira qué bien!. A la sinopsis han añadido un “the robots are coming” (?). Ahí va la lista de seleccionados en la competición internacional:


23rd Poopak Mozaffari A man trying wants to have the company of a woman in his very special party. Iran 2007 20 Fiction
A Day in A Life Nicolas Daenens Mario and Tom are two lunk-heads who are looking for money when they aren’t looking for trouble. They concoct a plan to rob a bank. Belgium 2008 21 Fiction
Abattoir Didier Blasco Marc works at the local abattoir. All day long he works a bandsaw. One morning there’s an accident: the bandsaw breaks and severs Marc’s left hand. France 2007 25 Fiction
Attack of The Robots from Nebula-5 Chema García Ibarra Almost everybody is going to die soon. The robots are coming. Spain 2008 7 Fiction
Bonfire Melissa Anastasi A little girl struggles to understand her violent father. Their unspoken needs spark a chain of tragic misunderstandings. Australia 2008 19 Fiction
Chasmogamy Marinella Setti A modern parable about conflict,set in the cultural melting-pot of London and featuring various characters going through the daily grind of a rush-hour bus ride. United Kingdom 2008 7 Fiction
Household Gods Vaughan Pilikian Alone at home, but haunted by other voices: six people in six rooms somewhere in London. United Kingdom 2008 6 Fiction
John and The Dog André Marques João lives on a shabby suburban estate. He is always in trouble with the grown-ups, who don’t seem to understand that his flamboyant behavior stems from his insecurity and desperation. Portugal 2007 15 Fiction
Le Café des Pêcheurs Al Hadi Ulad Mohand Wintertime, Northern Morocco, the fishermen spend their time watching over their boats from the local café. Braving the weather and the harbour authorities, Monsour decides to head out to sea. France 2007 23 Fiction
Leap Year Aaron Wilson A moment shared and a connection formed between two people across a generational divide. Australia 2008 11 Fiction
Mofetas Ines Enciso Night falls at Tangier’s port. Karim and Aziz wait in silence. Spain 2008 9 Fiction
Ode Ober Hiba Vink Meet the waiter, eternally supplying perfect strangers with food and drinks. His murmured maelstrom of acute observations reveals an acquired omniscience regarding his clients’ preferences and character traits. Netherlands 2008 9 Fiction
Painting Paradise Barbara Hlali Media reports show how the wall, which surrounds the Shiite and Sunni quarters in Bagdad, is painted with beautiful landscapes: Aesthetic creation is used in order to cover military measures and war effects. Germany 2008 5 Experimental
Silba Perfidia César Esteban Alenda Ramiro wears glasses that focus or unfocus reality so that he can live a calm life with no surprises. A couple of events will break his routine and deprive him of his glasses. Spain 2008 16 Fiction
Solitude Mehrdad Sheikhan A stone colossus has lived a lonely life on this barren planet for thousands of years . Worn out by his solitude, he decides to change his fate. Iran 2008 10 Animation
The Choice Tito Fernandes Facing the adversities of life, imposed by circumstances, by fate and by influence decisions, implies determinate consequences, opposed from the facts of will. Portugal 2008 20 Fiction
The Last Board N.Sundar The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking. India 2008 12 Fiction
The Pain with Being Thirsty David Yun A film that juxtaposes found footage of Japanese Internment camps in Arizona with a found letter written by a Muslim prisoner accused of running Al-Qaeda websites and awaiting extradition to Guantanamo Bay. USA 2007 6 Experimental
Verso-Tempo Julien Lonchamp This film deals with our perception of time passing by. How to react if time started to have a life of its own? France 2008 11 Experimental
Welcome to Hebron Terje Carlsson The film shows how the Israeli occupation affects everyday life in Palestine. Leila Sarsour is a strong, intelligent, outspoken Palestinian teenager and has dreams of a daily life free from oppression and violence. Sweden 2007 55 Documentary
Zero Degree Omid Khoshnazar A solider kills a man but vengnece comes from unexpected sources. Iran 2007 8 Animat

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